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2014 Appearances
Common Questions

Always looking for more women who love to fabricate, wrench, build, create, race, and defy stereotypes. Hit me up so I can hear your story and connect on a supportive level.

Jessi Combs Gear?

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Q:How did you get into working on cars?

A: Passion. I love to drive, build things and go fast... cars are all encompassing.

Q: How did you get into TV?

A: skill... mixed with a little personality ;D

Q: Why did you leave Xtreme4x4?

A: time to move on

Q: Can you Overhaul my car?

A: submission forms are on

Q: What was it like working on Mythbusters?

A: Awesome, duh! Such a talented, smart, funny and motivating group of people to work with.

Q: How is your back?

A: What L1-L4 Vertebrae fusion? ;) I have more good days then bad days, tho it doesn’t seem to slow me down in achieving my goals.

Q: What’s it like working with Chip Foose?

A: I am truly blessed. I consider him to be        The Most Amazing Man in the World

Q: Will you ever have Jessi Combs gear?

A: yes, please look to your left and below

Q: Alright, can I get the full story?

A: of course, read my story here

Jessi Combs

Jan 4 - SuperCross - Anaheim, CA - KN&N booth

Jan 24-26 - Grand National Roadster Show

            Pomona, CA - North American Eagle

Feb 1-8 - King of the Hammers - Johnson Valley            

            Falken Tire (I race on the 6th, Spec Class)

April 14-18 - Easter Jeep Safari - Moab, UT -                


May 2-4 - SteelHorse Sisterhood - Denver, CO

            Keynote Speaker

9 years after graduation, see what Jessi is doing with WyoTech...

Jessi is currently the fastest woman on four wheels holding the record at 392.954 mph with a top speed of 440.709 mph
                                                                        read more....News/Entries/2013/10/9_Entry_1.htmlNews/Entries/2013/6/15_North_American_Eagle_Welcomes_Combs_to_the_Team.htmlshapeimage_27_link_0